Whereas the problem is involuntary the solution is voluntary

By:  Julia Tyack

Attention is the front door to  your mind.  “if I don’t set intention for my attention and don’t experience external threat, pleasure or novelty, then my experience invariably moves inward to my thoughts,”  There are two  polar extremes in attention;  attention deficit and hyper-vigilant focus.  Trained attention isn’t focused at one end of the spectrum. Attention black holes suck energy  with great force….The mental sump pump have four concentric layers; the original threat, ruminations, thought suppression and imagination. Ruminative thinking generates sadness, guilt, worry or fear. Worry is the interest you pay on a non-existent threat.  Thought suppression causes strong recoil and leads to addictions…pushing you away from more effective and lasting approaches such as gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. Imagination is the double edged sword………… Research shows that anything you image , your  brain attends, interprets and experiences as though it were real.  Example placebo effect.

The mind cares less about what is than about creating a coherent story that fits with its world view.

Your brain never rests for a moment.  The brain is forever  in the making.  It continually rewires itself based on which set of neurons is most frequently used.  When you use two neurons together, they shake hands, buddy up and call in more supplies (blood flow). The change in the  brains network

Ing then becomes a self-perpetuating recursive loop.  …….Your compassion will help another pull through a depressive loop…….While the problems might be involuntary the solution is voluntary. (this gives great hope)   …Just as you can train and strengthen your biceps you can train your attention.  Your most important asset.  You can also dissolve black holes by interrupting your experience through the filter of higher principles.

This is a brief summary of chapters filled with example and quoting the results of studies.