Unknown Secrets of the Cosmos

Written by:  Wendell Krossa 

Antiquity shows us that retaliation has been a general way of life among humans. This fact is contrary to the ordered cosmos which begs for discovery.

Occasionally, some did challenge the ways of tyranny, but they were quickly struck down by it.

Nothing has changed much. Bullies still exist today, at home, in the streets, in the marketplace, and in governments. Punishment, payback, and getting even are their unjust tools. And their legacy is choking out liberty and the freedom to question, imagine, discover, invent and be productive – to seek justice and find a better way of life!

How then to overcome this ancient idea of retaliation – our real enemy?

First, we must learn that it was a misunderstanding of natural disasters and diseases that was behind unjust behavior, and worse, a mistaken view of God. Humans concluded that a deity was punishing them for wrong behavior, so why not follow the deity’s example and treat others likewise.

Their next mistake was thinking that sacrifices could appease the deity’s anger, especially if they were bloody ones.  Who came up with all this nonsense? Their power-hungry shamans and priests of course.

A brief turning point in this retaliation-thinking came from the teaching of an obscure Galilean Sage from Nazareth. He taught that God, our Father, lives in and among us, accepts us as we are, and freely forgives and loves us without demanding any payment or sacrifices.

This generosity indicates an unconditional message that sets humanity free to live their dreams and accomplish great things for themselves and for others, And best of all, they could begin to treat others as they have been treated – with God’s real unconditional justice!

Although this about-face in humanity’s way of life had tremendous potential to change ancient ways forever, and set humans free from their ancient fears, the tyranny of religious ways soon took control again and still remains in control in many ways today.

Christianity, for one, changed the Sage’s teaching into a concentration on his death as a sacrificial payment to God instead of a murder by tyrants. Worse, it promises an eternal hellish punishment from God for not believing in his gruesome bloody salvation plan for humanity.

Fortunately, humans are finally beginning to question these lies of tyranny and retaliation, because they are finding the Sage’s precious gems among all the weeds of religious practices.  And by practicing instead a gentle unconditional love for others, they are learning to operate fair and profitable businesses with their neighbors, something that benefits everyone.

Humanity’s fears are being overcome by compassion. Thank God! Even the Cosmos is turning loose some of its unknown “secrets!”