The Promulgation of Universal Peace. Abdul-Baha

Written By: Julia Tyack

I want to share with you excerpts from this beautiful speech given in 1912 by Abdul’Baha, the son of Baha’u’llah, the founding prophet of the Baha’u’llah.  It contains some of the most profound teachings I have ever read.  I hope you gain from it as well.

Religionists have anathematized religionists, each considering the other as deprived of the mercy of God, abiding in gross darkness and the children of Satan.

Each one of the divine religions considers itself as belonging to a goodly and blessed tree, the tree of the Merciful, and all other religious systems as belonging to a tree of evil, the tree of Satan.  For this reason they heap execration and abuse upon each other.  This is clearly apparent in books of historical record and prevailed until the time of the appearance of Baha’u’llah.

When the light of Baha’u’llah dawned from the East, he proclaimed the promise of the oneness of humanity.  He addressed all mankind, saying, ‘Ye are all the fruits of one tree. There are not two trees: one; a tree of divine mercy, the other the tree of Satan’. This was His announcement: this was His promise of the oneness of the world of humanity.  Anathema and execration were utterly abrogated.  He said, ‘It is not becoming in man to curse another; it is not befitting that man should attribute darkness to another; it is not meet that one human being should consider another human being as bad: nay, rather, all mankind are the servants of one God; God is the Father of all; there is not a single exception to that law. There are no people of Satan; all belong to the Merciful.  There is no darkness; all is light.  All are the servants of God, and man must love humanity from his heart.  He must, verily, behold humanity as submerged in the divine mercy.’

Baha’u’llah has made no exception to this rule. He said that among mankind there may be those who are ignorant; they must be trained.  Some are sick; they must be treated.  Some are immature; they must be helped to attain maturity.  In other respects humanity is submerged in the ocean of divine mercy.  God is the Father of all.  He educates, provides for and loves all; for they are His servants and His creation. Surely the Creator loves His creatures.  It would be impossible to find an artist who does not love his own production. Have you ever seen a man who did not love his own actions? Even though they be bad actions, he loves them.  How ignorant, therefore, the thought that God, who created man, educated and nurtured him, surrounded him with all blessings, made the sun and all phenomenal existence for his benefit, bestowed upon him tenderness and kindness and then did not love him. This is palpable ignorance, for no matter to what religion a man belongs, even though he be an atheist or materialist, nevertheless, God nurtures him, bestows His kindness and sheds upon him His light.  How then can we believe God is wrathful and unloving?  How can we even imagine this, when as a matter of fact we are witnesses of the tenderness and mercy of God upon every hand? All about us we behold manifestations of the love of God. If, therefore, God be loving, what should we do? We have nothing else to do but to emulate Him. Just as God loves all and is kind to all, so must we really love and be kind to everybody.  We must consider none bad, none worthy of detestation, no one as an enemy.  We must love all; nay, we must consider everyone as related to us, for all are the servants of one God.  All are under the instructions of one Educator.  We must strive day and night that love and amity may increase, that this bond of unity may be strengthened, that joy and happiness may more and more prevail, that in unity and solidarity all mankind may gather beneath the shadow of God?.

Baha’u’llah has clearly said in His Tablets that if you have an enemy, consider him not as any enemy.  Do not simply be long-suffering; nay, rather, love him.  Your treatment of him should be that which is becoming of lovers.  Do not even say that he is your enemy. Do not see any enemies.  Though he be your murderer, see no enemy.  Look upon him with the eye of friendship.  Be mindful that you do not consider him as an enemy and simply tolerate him, for that is but stratagem and hypocrisy.  To consider a man your enemy and love him is hypocrisy. This is not becoming of any soul. You must behold him as a friend.  You must treat him well?.

Because we belong to one race or family of humankind, why should we consider all others bad and inferior, deserving of death, pillage and invasion?. People of darkness, worthy of hatred and detestation by God? Why does man show forth such attitude and actions toward his fellowman?  We see that God is kind to all.  Just as He loves us, He loves all others: just as He provides for us, He provides for the rest, he nurtures and trains all with equal solicitude.

God is great!  God is kind!  He does not behold human shortcomings; He does not regard human weaknesses.  Man is a creature of His mercy, and to His mercy He summons all. Why then should we despise or detest His creatures because this one is a Jew, another a Buddhist or Zoroastrian and so on?  This is ignorance, for the oneness of humanity as servants of God is an assured and certain fact.

Baha’u’llah has proclaimed the promise of the oneness of humanity.  Therefore, we must exercise the utmost love toward each other.  We must be loving to all the people of the world.  We must not consider any people the people of Satan, but know and recognize all as the servants of the one God.  At most it is this: Some do not know; they must be guided and trained.  They must be taught to love their fellow creatures and be encouraged in the acquisition of virtues.  Some are ignorant; they must be informed.  Some are as children, undeveloped; they must be helped to reach maturity.  Some are ailing, their moral condition is unhealthy; they must be treated until their morals are purified. But the sick man is not to be hated because he is sick, the child must not be shunned because he is a child,. The ignorant one is not to be despised because he lacks knowledge. They must all be treated, educated, trained and assisted in love. Everything must be done in order that humanity may live under the shadow of God in the utmost security, enjoying happiness in its highest degree. Abdul’Baha, Talk at Green Acre, Eliot, Maine, 17 August 1912. published in The Promulgation of Universal Peace, Pages 264-270 Copyright 2001.