The Power of Grace

What religion does is regularize the channels of grace and forgiveness.  On one hand, grace is  supposed to be free, but religion says it must not be made so free that it becomes a dangerous thing – and liberty is good, yes, but it must be controlled and handed out bit by bit according to a price and according to conditions.

It is like an absolutely free and unpolluting source of energy has been found for everyone on the planet.  It has been my argument that boundless generosity and abundance is harder for an organized society to handle than scarcity.  My biggest fear as a grower of various things is the capacity of the growers to glut the market by producing too much of anything – bananas, tomatoes, sugar, gas etc.  Imagine the consternation of the oil, gas, nuclear, solar and taxing departments if there was a breakthrough of free energy or a source 10 times cheaper than anything we have known.  It would cause chaos everywhere.  People would fight it.  Organizations would try to ban it.  The environmentalists would go crazy.  Governments would do with it what religion does to grace – put some sort of price, tax or conditions on it.


A Little Story

A little fellow was busy at building his dream castles on the sea shore.  He was totally absorbed in what he was doing.  He was not aware how fast the sun was dipping in the West nor how the rising tide was about to swallow up his work.

Suddenly a larger wave rolled up on the beach, and there was not a trace of the little fellow’s work to be seen.  As he rose to his feet, now well covered in the waters of the encroaching ocean, he saw that the sun had disappeared below the sand dunes.  For a moment he felt that all that was so important to him was gone and he was alone.


Unbeknown to him, from a high sand bank overlooking the beach, his bemused older brother was watching and waiting patiently for this moment.  The little fellow heard his watcher call out just three re-assuring words: “Let’s go home.”

John Brinsmead

Questions and Answers 

Q. Jesus, Jesus, what’s your name?

Are you really what they claim?

Are you God, the famed God-man?

A. Son of man is who I am.

Q Were you of a virgin born,

Far different from the human norm?

Do you have our DNA?

A. Son of man is what I say.

Q. Walking on water, raising the dead

Is something others have said.

Tell us truly, what you do?

A. Son of man, the same as you.

Q. Jesus, Jesus, tell us true,

What will you have us do?

A. Love one another as I loved you…

Son of man through and through.

Bob – When a member of the House of Lords was informed that he was detested by one of his peers, he replied, “I can’t see any reason why he should so dislike me… I don’t think I have ever done anything for him.”

Why do human beings tend to hate those who have extended some help, benefit or assistance to them?

Answer: They have been the recipients of the kind of “love” that has put them, or made them feel, ‘in their benefactor’s debt’.

Bob – I established a habit of being kicked out – kicked out of College, kicked out of the church and when I turned my attention to politics, was kicked out of local government by the big state government boot.  I can honestly say that I felt like the head salesman saying to a sales wimp who complained of suffering insults: “I have been called a cadger, a money grubbing swindler, a liar and a cheat, but I never felt at any time that I was insulted.”

My late brother-in-law was literally thrown down a flight of outside stairs at the Nambour Church.  He was always as lithe as a cat in that he always seemed to gracefully find his feet.  He picked himself up, and while dusting a bit of good red soil off his suit, smiled up at the clerical bouncers at the top of the stairs saying, “It is a good thing I did not wear my best suit today, brethren.  “The grace by which he was having fun, or at least able to see the really funny side of this ridiculous way to exit a church, seemed to inflame the fury of his opponents even more.  I must admit that some of us had a lot of fun and laughter recounting this incident.