The Non-visible Realm – Brian Swimme

Precis:  Written By: Hope Taylor

Each person in this planet is rooted in that very power that brought forth all the matter and energy of the universe.

The new cosmology depends upon an understanding of the reality and power of the non-visible and non-material realm.

The non visible is that which can never be seen because it is neither a material thing nor an energy constellation. We cannot even picture this non-visible world’s nature.  But it is profoundly real and profoundly powerful.

Cosmology is the story of the birth, development, and destiny of the universe.

The discovery of the non-material power foaming forth from the quantum vacuum unlocks the mysteries of the universe. ‘All Nourishing Abyss’ is the name chosen for this mystery at the base of everything.  The universe emerges out of ‘All Nourishing Abyss’ not only at its beginning but in every moment.  It is acting ceaselessly throughout the universe.  It is not possible to find a place in the universe outside this activity, even in our own brains.

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