The Non-violent Jesus

By: Henry Hasse

Just finished reading The Nonviolent Jesus by Simon Joseph. Most scholarly book ever for me. His conclusions: Q1 is the best description of the historical Jesus of Nazareth, a Galilean Jew who was murdered for his radical message that opposed Orthodox Judaism and the traditional Jewish Torah 25 yrs before Paul’s letters and two to three generations after the NT writers, each of whom had their own agenda to explain Jesus’ message to their Gentile audiences during a violent time of war and persecution under Roman rule.

In a word, none of the NT writers got the point that Jesus proclaimed. In fact, they twisted it around to be completely opposite. They turned Jesus’ nonviolent and unconditionally loving ABBA back into the violent payback deity that the ancients wrote about.

Jesus’ message of a providential loving ABBA is the content of the message, the ‘good news’ of the kingdom, which he promoted. His mission was to re-establish the conditions of Paradise.    Jesus’ sayings represented the realization of what Isaiah envisioned as the “new heaven” and the “new earth.” However, this “new creation” was NOT the result of a cataclysmic destruction by an angry deity while acting with violence during an end time judgement. Rather, it was the invisible renewal of the here and now, the original divine will and intention for creation, little by little, under great patience.

Little wonder Jesus’ own family thought he had lost his mind!  But they were not getting it yet.  Many Christians led astray by Paul’s “Christ” and his atonement message, together with several confessions concerning “Christ” written two to four generations later, are still not getting it.  Begin acting like God.  Accept and begin to love your enemies. Begin to change your surroundings by how you treat others and that will begin to change the world.

In spite of alarmists and in spite of media’s horrific news reports, things ARE getting better behind the scenes.   Christianity’s traditional violent triune-God is beginning to wane to the real ABBA. Islam’s violent Allah only appears to be seeing growth these days, even Muslims are beginning to resent the violence of their religion.