The Nature of Reality

Written By: William Ferguson

There seems to be tendency in Science to dismiss NDE as a hallucinatory experience, or a dream-like vision.  There’s one thing I am absolutely certain of, no dream and no vision (I’ve had a few predictive visions when I was younger) ever had the sense of reality that an NDE carries with it.  It’s so real you do not want to come back.  Why swim in molasses when you can fly with wings?

I really see the brain as more of an interface to the body and its senses and a belief filtering organ than I see it as the center of consciousness.

If I can use a poor metaphor, I once had a girlfriend whose father and brother raced cars at the drag strip.  Her father had (and still does have) a 1971 Shelby Cobra jet Mustang convertible.  The sweetest muscle car ever made.  Her brother had a Plymouth Road runner with a 440 hemi-head engine with what was called a “six pack” 6 barrel carburetor.  Her brother’s car was just hugely fast.  Each year when they came up for air pollution testing, he and his father would have to wire 4 carburetor’s shut on that engine and outfit the remaining two with smaller fuel jets just so it could pass emission control testing, after which they’d reverse the changes.  It was a bureaucratic ritual they went thru every year to appease the authorities, who were really only interested in the fees pollution testing generated anyway.

I kind of think our brains are like those reducing jets, our consciousness is capable of processing immense volumes of information at once, but the brain is like a reducing valve – and what we call IQ – is just how fast that hunk of cholesterol between our brain filters information – IQ says nothing about the spirit behind the IQ.   After a while (multiple lifetimes in this world?) we come to accept this reduced down state as being our natural essence when it is not.

It’s the only thing that can explain to me, why Norman Vincent Peale’s power of positive thinking works, and why motivational guru Tony Robbins gets the results he does; why hypnosis gets the results it does – it changes the filtering rules of the brain.  The brain filters reality based on what it believes is real and tosses out what it believes in unreal.  Seldom do people even question their presumptions.  I know people who will deny any phenomenon that is not specifically mentioned in the Bible.  To them that is the beginning and end of what is possible in this universe and world.  There are also scientists who believe in “laws” of nature rather than the relationships of nature.  To them they are laws because the constants behind them don’t appear to change very often on this planet – but they might elsewhere under different conditions.  Some can’t even conceive of any science outside of what is taught in College, which is in many cases a good 60 years behind the science being done by the military.

This filtering affects clergy and scientist and economist alike.  None are immune from this filtering, but most people seem ignorant of this.  The Government is not, and neither is religion.  I remember reading an article that was once on the web from Andrews University by Bacchiochi, in which he espoused the idea that religion should be hard and intrusive – as this caused people to be more committed to religion.  That told me one thing – he was not interested in human freedom and empowerment, and neither is government.

This is also why so much effort is put in by government to shape the image of what you believe is true about your governments, and why religion shapes people to conform to the powers that be and its priestly classes.  Fear plays a huge role in this.  We suspend discernment when we are scared.  The system has its way of letting you know it’s there.

I heard a British politician when I was living in England say “Governments don’t classify things as secret to keep it from their enemies, the enemies have really good spies and already know the secrets.  They keep things secret to keep it from the citizens so they don’t know “They’ll do anything to keep the image that is presented to the public.  An informed public is a public that might stop them.

A human who does not believe something is possible is a human who is disempowered from being able to do what is “impossible”.  This is why all progress is made by heretics, rebels, iconoclasts, and artists.