The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos – Brian Swimme

Written By: Julia Tyack

BRIAN SWIMME – Brian Swimme received his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, specializing in gravitational dynamics, mathematical cosmology and singularity theory.  In addition to specializing in mathematical cosmology, Brian is an extremely gifted author and lecturer, committed to a meaningful interpretation of the human within an evolutionary universe

The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos:  Humanity and the New Story.

Brian Swimme seeks to integrate an understanding of the Earth as an interconnected life system of the universe.

My aim is to present the birthplace of the universe in a way that invites you to participate in an inner transformation.  It would be a great thing if people learned the new story.  But even greater would be to take the first steps into living the new story. 25

 We need to learn to experience directly the more subtle complexities of the seamless whole that is nature or cosmos, which includes the events of our moments as the great events of the past and the unfarmed events following from our moment now. 26

 Cosmology is a wisdom tradition drawing upon not just science but religion and art and philosophy. Its principle aim is not the gathering of facts and theories as the transformation of the human.  Cosmology aims at embedding a human being in the numinous dynamics of our solar system. 31 

Our natural genetic inheritance presents us with the possibility of farming deeply banded relationships throughout all the ten million species of life as well as throughout the non-living components of the universe. Cosmology, when it is alive and healthy in a culture, evokes in the human a deep zest for life. 37

The sun, each second, transforms four million tons of itself into light. Each second a huge chunk of the sun vanishes into radiant energy that sours away in all directions.39

 The sun with each second, giving itself over to become energy that we, with every meal, partake of 40

 A gorgeous living Earth drifts light as a feather around the great roaring generosity of the sun. 

 Earth is one planet moving around one star, which itself is one of the 300 billion stars of the Milky Way Galaxies, which in its turn is one of the trillion galaxies of the wide universe.

 The birth of the universe means not only the birth of all the elementary particles of the universe and not only the birth of all the light and energy of the universe, it also means the birth of space and time of the universe?..Space and time erupt together with mass and energy in the primordial mystery of the universe flaring forth 85.

 Cosmic expansion is not the movement of galaxies through an already existing, fixed, space…The cause of the expansion of the universe is the space rushing into existence and flinging the clusters apart from each other. The size of each galaxy cluster stays the same, but the space in between the cluster expands in each instant, which results in an ever larger universe 88.

Where did the universe come from? is a discussion of ‘the vacuum’ and the emergence of elementary particles in emptiness.  The atomic theory of the atom and its in-destructive properties lead to a chapter on ‘All Nourishing Abyss’.

 (‘All Nourishing Abyss’ is an amazing discussion of the reality and power of the non-visible and non-material realm.)

 Cosmology is the story of the birth, development and destiny of the universe, told with the aim of assisting humans in their task of identifying their roles within the great drama 98

The great news of our time is the evolutionary story in which we come to realize that we humans are all embedded in a living developing universe, and that we are therefore cousins to everything in the universe. 99.  Cosmology aims for language arising out of our experience of living within an unfolding universe.

 I use the language ‘all nourishing abyss’ as a way of pointing to the mystery at the base of being…The universe emerges out of all-nourishing abyss not only 15 billion years ago but in every moment.  Each instant protons and antiprotons are flashing out of, and are suddenly absorbed back into, all nourishing abyss.  All nourishing abyss is not a thing, nor a collection of things, not even strictly speaking a physical place, but rather a power that gives birth and that absorbs existence at a thing ‘annihilation’.  The foundational reality of the universe is this unseen ocean of potentiality.  If all the individual things of the universe were to evaporate, one would be left with infinity of pure generative power.

Each particular thing is directly, and essentially, grounded in ‘all nourishing abyss’.

 The essential nature of atoms is less material than it is ‘empty space’, the root foundation of anything or any being is not matter out of which it is composed so much as matter together with the power that gives rise to matter i.e. matter power

 ‘All nourishing Abyss’ is acting ceaselessly throughout the universe.  It is not possible to find any place in the universe that is outside of this activity.  Even in the gaps between the synapses of the neurons of the brain, there occurs an incessant forming, a flashing plane, a shining-forth and a dissolving back into. 100  Particles exist in one location and then exist in another location without transversing the space in between the particles and atoms are flashing into existence, and then just as suddenly they are dissolving from their place to surge forth in a nearby location…102

Young people educated in this new cosmology will experience the a geyser in the sky where the universe sprays into existence 103.  The universe is not a collection of dead objects but is rather, a seamless whole community made up of cosmos-creating objects.  When we know the nature of the reality from which we arose, we will know our own deepest nature.  We too have contacted The Great Power that gave birth to the universe and continues to give birth today.  That which gave birth to the universe is giving birth this moment -profoundly stirring!

The universe began as an eruption of space, time, matter, and energy out of ‘All Nourishing Abyss’, the hidden source of all creativity.  The universe began as a titanic bestowal, a stupendous quantum of free energy, given fourth from the bottomless vaults of generosity.  The nature of this original gift goes so far beyond our daily human experience that we must resort to numbers to approach it.  In the first second the universe is a million times hotter than the centre of our sun today.  It is in an extremely compact form. The density of the original matter is a billion times greater than rock.  And yet this primordial matter is exploding forth as rapidly as the speed of light.

 Every place in the universe is at the centre of this exploding reality. 110

 Each child is situated in that very place and is rooted in that ‘Very Power’ that brought forth all matter and energy of the universe. 104

 Einstein’s Awakening’ is the second final chapter of this fascinating and important work.  The challenge is to identify our deepest personal reality with the Powers of the Universe. 103

Read how this Great Power broke into a new contemplation in ‘Einstein’ and finally in the chapter ‘The Center of the Cosmos’ read how the universe began and how we are in that beginning.  This book is must for every library as is ‘The Universe is a Green Dragon’ by the same author.

The Art of Forging Cosmic Fire (a few quotes from ‘The Universe is a Green Dragon’)

To understand human language, we need to place ourselves within the context of Earth as a self-organizing reality. The Earth taught itself how to create the photosynthetic processes, how to bloom forth with the power of the angiosperms, how to create topsoil; Earth did not learn these things from Mars or the Andromeda Galaxy.  Earth education is self-education.

 Humans are engaged in the same dynamic of self-educating reality.  Our situation involved something new.  ‘Self-reflection’ manifested especially through language..We sit, talking, engaged in the education process of the Earth. Is that clear?

Think of the sacrifices required of billions of creatures to make such language possible.  Take a single sentence: ‘The fireball exploded twenty billion years ago at the beginning of time.’  That sentence requires nothing less than the full twenty billion years of cosmic development.  The sentence could not exist without the oceans, the rivers, the air, the life forms, and all the thousands of years of human cultural activities.  Every sentence is spoken by the whole Earth.

Electricity flows through your nervous system in physical correlation to your subjective experiences. So from a physical point of view, the movement of ions in your brain corresponds to your subjective experiences.  Different ion flows would give you qualitatively different experiences; or, equally true, a qualitatively different mood would manifest as a different movement of ions in your nervous system.

What enables you to think? On what power do you rely for your thinking, feeling, and wondering?

Ions don’t move by their own power: they have to be pushed and tugged about.  A close examination shows that an energy-soaked molecule in the brain is responsible for the ion movement.  Closer examination shows that this molecule is able to push ions around because of energy it got, ultimately, from the food that you eat.  The food got the energy from the Sun; food traps a photon in the net of its molecular webbing, and this photonic energy pushes and pulls the ions in your brain, making possible your present moment of amazing human subjectivity.  Right now, this moment, ions are flowing this way and that because of the manner in which you have organized energy from the Sun.

Where did the photon come from? We know that in the core of our Sun, atomic fusion creates helium atoms out of hydrogen atomic fusion creates helium atoms out of hydrogen atoms, in the process releasing photons of sunlight.  So, if the photons come from hydrogen atoms, where did the hydrogen get the photons? This leads us to the edge of the primeval fireball, to the moment of creation itself.

The primeval fireball was a vast gushing forth of light, first so powerful that it carried elementary particles about as if they were bits of bark on a tidal wave.  But as the fireball continued to expand, the light calmed down until, hundreds of thousands of years later, the energy level decreased to a point where it could be captured by electrons and protons in the community of the hydrogen atom. Hydrogen atoms rage with energy from the fireball, symphonic storms of energy held together in communities extremely reluctant to give this energy up.  But in the cores of stars, hydrogen atoms are forced to release their energy in the form of photons, and this photonic shower from the beginning of time powers your thinking.

 The universe bestows on us fire from the beginning of time, simultaneously evoking our profound reverence for this fire.  The universe demands our response: .Do we shape this fire as it has shaped us, aware of the awesome work that has gone into providing it?.

This is the central fire of your self, the central fire of the entire cosmos: it must not be wasted on trivialities or revenge, resentment or despair.  We have the power to forge cosmic fire. What can compare with such a destiny?

 When I say that the universe is the principal moral authority, I mean by this the manner in which we are taught the value of the earth.  The elements were bestowed on us by the stars, the complex compounds given to us by the young Earth, the informed sequences of the genes by the micro-organisms, our limbs and organs by advanced life forms, and the linguistic symbols carrying our thoughts and feelings by the human venture.  We could not see without the work of those who shaped the eye; could not hear without the work of those who shaped the ear.  The universe created these gifts and lavished them upon us; our first and deepest response is infinite gratitude.

That which created all of this now desires our creativity, commitment, and labour, our delight in entering with full awareness the cosmic story.  The mountains and oceans, stars and life forms — all recipients of the same generosity, contributors to the unknown future culminations of our work —-all tremble with the same power.  Given a finite number of days in which to live, a particular store of primordial fire with which to work, who could deny that all that matters is contributing to the awesome work of fashioning the universe? Page 165-171

 No matter what racial, religious, cultural, or national background, humans now have a unifying language out of which we can begin to organize ourselves, for the first time, on the level of species. Page 161

 All societies throughout human history have rooted themselves in fundamental stories of the cosmos.  Out of their primal stories humans define what is real and what is valuable, what is beautiful, what is worthwhile, what to be avoided, what to be pursued.  Modern society is no different.  We too use our basic cosmology to assign power positions, making all crucial life decisions on the basis of these fundamental world views.  We are creating a new meaning for what we consider real, valuable, to be avoided or pursued. The new cosmic story emerging into human awareness overwhelms all previous conceptions of the universe for the simple reason that it draws them all into its comprehensive fullness.  And most amazing of all is the way this story, though it comes from empirical scientific tradition, corroborates in profound and surprising ways the ecological vision of the Earth celebrated in every traditional native spirituality of every continent.  Who can learn what this means and remain calm?  Page 162


Professor Andrew White shows that Einstein’s revolutionary ideas have changed, and will continue to, change the material world in an unbelievable way. (1) What Einstein has done for our material world Brian Swimme is doing for our physical world and larger destiny.  Of Brian Swimme Ph.D., specialist in mathematical cosmology from the university of Oregon Thomas Berry says, ‘His explication of the fundamental powers of the cosmos is mystical and ecstatic; it shocks the reader into a physiological, explosive awareness of the stuff of being.’

Brian Swimme’s revelatory works are set to produce a revolution in super-concentration of being no less than the Einstein revolution produced in our physical world.

Brian’s publications, ‘The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos – Humanity and the New Story? (Orbis Books) and ‘The Universe is a Green Dragon – A cosmic Creation Story’, (Bear and Company publishing) are a must for all who wish to be part of the human revolution into a new era of well-being.

Quote on Einstein

1.  Einstein detailed his findings in a paper for a scientific journal, and his idea was found to be so revolutionary it earned him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.

University of Queensland School of Physical Sciences senior lecturer Andrew White says Einstein’s theory on light still underpins much of the technology used in modern society.

In fact, it’s the basis of the laser and pretty much everything related to it, he says. It’s the basis of all modern technology like mobile phones and scanners in the supermarkets.  They run due to quantum effects. This theory is the basis of quantum mechanics and was the first to deal with light and matter.  It could also be the key to developing the next generation of computers, as Dr White says modern computing is almost in need of an overhaul.  We’re hitting a dead end with current technology.  There’s a limit to what we can do with the current paradigm and we’re about to enter the second quantum technological revolution, he says.

The parts are getting so small, but instead of thinking this dead end is a bad thing, we have to turn it around and do things we couldn’t otherwise do.  We have to throw out all of our normal ideas about how we encode information.