The Hidden Face of God

Written By: Hope Taylor

How science reveals the ultimate truth.

G.L. Schroeder; The Free Press. N.Y.
Schroeder believes that science provides positive reason for faith. We now know not only that behind matter lies energy, but also that behind energy lies wisdom. This book covers the wisdom encoded in the DNA to the wisdom unveiled in the fantastic complexity of cellular life, to the wisdom inherent in human consciousness.

PAGE 11. A single consciousness, an all encompassing wisdom, pervades the universe. The discoveries of science have moved us to this startling realization. Every particle, every being from Atom to human, appears to have within it a level of information, of conscious wisdom. This information just appears as a given, with no casual agent evident as if it were an intrinsic facet of nature. (It’s an underlying universal wisdom.)

Science itself has rediscovered the confluence between the physical and the spiritual. By realizing the interwoven complexity of existence, we experience the oneness both by revelation and by reason.

The author says that we find the wonder of the sacred while fulfilling the duties of secular life, not within the walls of some cloister. Exposing the AWE of existence within the reality of daily life is what this book is about. Page 15.

This reminds us of Mackay’s work. Everyday is a gift from God and a path to His presence. The Author continues, The universe is the physical expression of the meta-physical. This meta-physical must have preceded our universe or have the universe embedded in it. With this in mind, it is incongruous to describe a theology without the insights of science.

Is there a universal consciousness, an entanglement that at some subtle level ties all existence together. Might consciousness also be intrinsic, all present part of nature, of the universe.  Every particle would then have some part of consciousness within. Every particle, every body, every aspect of existence appears to be an expression of information.. It appears that, MIND as manifested in its capacity to make choices, is to some extent inherent in every atom.

Matter is energy. Wheeler likened what underlies all existence to an idea, the ‘bit’ of information that gives rise to the ‘it’, the substance of matter. If we can discover that underlying idea, we will have ascertained not only the basis of unity that underlies all existence, but most important, the source of that unity. We will have encountered the hidden face of God.

We swim in a stream of consciousness. Accept it without noting it.

Infinity is not within our reach.but unity is, a unity that encompasses and binds together all existence. The universe is an expression of the oneness. With this science and religion agree. Revelation and nature are the two aspects of the Creation. Theology and science present two versions of that one reality, each version seen from its own perspective.The light of what we label as Divine is split in two, one part is the prophetic experience or direct revelation, the other is the hidden wisdom of nature.

Both science and religion acting alone have produced irrational horrific behaviour. Neither by itself can achieve the goal of peace on earth and good will toward all. Page 36..

The ‘Hidden face of God’ will open the world of science to religious believers and it will cause sceptics to rethink some of their deepest beliefs.
The book concludes, There is a brain of which we are conscious and one we are not. Just as there is a world we perceive and one we do not. Both are real and with careful thinking we can realize the presence of both. Page 216

Wallace, Darwin’s partner, considered the unseen spirit of the universe was responsible for life, consciousness, and the origin of the modern human brain. 30.000 years ago, changes were largely complete. The logic is inescapable. To understand ourselves we must understand our past. That is why the study of human evolution is really the most basic and fundamental science of all.
The reliance on culture has set us apart form other primates. For better or worse, we are the only living primate species that exerts significant control over our evolutionary future.?

From. ‘The Search for Human Origins’.Environment, human biology and culture are the three threads of the human story. During humankind’s emergence each acted on the other.