The Core Message in Matthew

Written By:  Hank Hasse

The historical Jesus left his core message in Matt 5:38-48. It challenged the “eye for an eye” Jewish justice system based on the apocalyptic message of Daniel written by a priest during the Babylonian/Persian captivity and taken from their official religion of ancient Sumerian, Zoroaster. It cost him his life when he was accused of starting another Jewish rebellion. It was also adopted by Saul of Tarsus, the Roman center of Mithraism, an offshoot of the Sumerian religion.  Paul later in 50-55 CE described his dessert “visions” which exactly duplicated Mithraism and became his basis for reversing Jesus’ message and inventing his own form of apocalyptic Christianity, nothing but ancient mythology!

Two & three generations later in 75-110 CE the “gospel” writers adopted Paul’s apocalyptic myth about the need for a human atonement “savior” which was spread throughout Europe after Emperor Constantine insisted that the bishops gather copies of letters and declare an official canonical “Word of God” which he then threatened death by sword or worse for any pagans & Jewish unbelievers who refused to bow to this new “inerrant” and “inspired” “Word of God.”

Later the claim for a Triune God, a resurrection of our dead bodies, and the threat of an apocalyptic return in judgment, destruction, and eternal hellish punishment for unbelief were added by the Athanasian Creed in 415 CE.

So mythology prevailed within Christianity instead of Jesus’ message of an accepting, loving, forgiving God who had always existed from the beginning and lives within each of us, NOT somewhere out yonder, while patiently waiting to be discovered by us. for what he/she REALLY is!!! – Love personified through our accepting and forgiving actions among others.

I was so wrong in teaching the Christian myth for years!  But during the past 4-5 yrs I have discovered exactly what Jesus meant about his compassionate ABBA!

Thank God that his real message is still hiding in Matt 5:38-48, included among numerous hearsay stories about Jesus and what he supposedly did. Matt5:38-48 must have been among the oral sayings passed on by illiterate followers from Nazareth, a few sayings picked up by NT writers. Luke used these sayings from Matthew as well.

So fear not!!! There is NO apocalyptic judgement day coming!  And there will be NO destruction of a so-called “fallen” creation OR an eternal hellish punishment for unbelief in the atonement myth!

We are bound up together with a higher Eternal Loving Consciousness which cannot die, not even when our bodies do.  We only need our bodies and brains to finally learn this hopeful truth and use it to comfort others like Jesus did, even our enemies.