Supreme Good has Impregnated the Human Race


The truly human  gift of self-consciousness produces universal magic in a grand trajectory toward better. The gate is narrow and the road hard, but it is so easy when you find it.  The supreme human good is confirming that all human beings are connected to ultimate reality or presence.  They have never been separated  from universal magic and reaching their potential  is to hear and understand this announcement.   All animal units have defective manufacture, regardless of make or year, due to a primary and central component shared with dark nature. This is due to a defect affecting even the prototype units code named brain.  The genetic inheritance results in the reproduction of the same defects in all natural bodies. The defect has been identified as “Nature” which infiltrates even the superior human brain.  The brain or mind by nature is biased, short sighted, jumps to conclusions, holds to world views rejecting information to the contrary, rejects others, is unforgiving and judgmental. In short a very defective central component.

However universal magic  is occurring. Focused self-consciousness  is a gift with a potential for supreme good.  It is a program central to and controlling the mother-board  and when the program is fully downloaded  the potential is out of this world. This program gifted to human-beings and handed down from parent to child is the repairer and director of the defective brain enabling amazing computing capacity for good and benefit to the whole universe.

Some of the symptoms of the natural brain include:

1. Loss of direction  2. Foul vocal emissions  3. Amnesia    4. Lack of peace and joy   5. Selfish or violent behavior   6. Depression or confusion   7. Fearfulness   8. Dark Mythology  9  Universal fear projection known as   Apocalyptic

The Manufacturer, who is neither liable nor at fault for this defect, has  incarnated a program of authorized magnificence and up-grading service, free of charge or obligation, with inbuilt instructions to correct this central component defect.  The Repair Technician is a metaphysical program that is gifted along with the hardware at birth and the giver has most generously offered to bear the entire burden of the staggering cost of  brilliant self-directing software.   There is no additional fee required, absolutely nothing required in return, a human person only has to discover this pearl of great price and it never stops working for more and more life magic. Once aware the program keeps uploading. Such uploading is greatly assisted by connecting with other aware humans.  The program contains a GPS with travelling directions that make  the hard road as easy as travelling on a smooth, super highway.  GPS directions are; travel with the fuel of gratitude, the chauffeur of acceptance, companions compassion and love and you will see that the re-fuelling and refreshment station is forgiveness.

WARNING: Continuing to operate the human being unit without self-consciousness for central component correction  exposes the unit to dangers and problems too numerous to list, and will result in the human unit punishing themselves and missing out on a great life. There is good news though and this is that  the giver of the program does not judge or punish anyone for noncompliance but has left the message that; the bad deed, the defective mind  punishes itself.  For free emergency service call at a good news station and find the best operating instructions for a modern brain  through connecting with fellow humane beings who can connect you to amazing understandings.  Some of the best connections you will find in disciplines that are in a fast forward mode, such as neuroscience and neuroplasticity, cosmology, ethics, sociology, psychology, business ethics and all  disciplines in which  researches are true to the narrow gate, the hard road.  These connections  and  others around you with whom you can make contact are the spiritually awareness. These enlightenments are confirming principles laid down 2000 years ago.  You will recognize best connections from two aspects; they will be travelling on the hard road but finding it so easy; they will be employing the GPS directions of gratitude, acceptance, compassion,love and forgiveness; all of  which focuses their minds in the moment, allowing a natural embracing of their fellow humans and the environment.