Science has debunked religious fundamentalism



BIBLICAL scholar James Barr, more than 30 years ago, said the great issue of our age was fundamentalism. Before the Enlightenment and the age of science, Christians were fundamentalists.

They believed they had the exclusive truth, their way was the only way to salvation and all others outside of their exclusive circle were damned.

Even after Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and the Hubble telescope knocked that world into a cocked hat, the fundamentalists insisted on taking a text written in another age and culture and in another language as literally true.

Then there are other forms of fundamentalism, such as Marxism and environmentalism, and getting all the attention at present — Islamic fundamentalism.

Islamists want to take the words of an old visionary, written in another age and another culture, as instruction to be obeyed in our modern age — whether it is a matter of treatment of women or rules to punish thieves and apostates.

We must not forget that one of the holy books for Muslim fundamentalists is the Old Testament which contains more violence than anything advocated by the Koran.

Frank Tyack, Manly West, Qld