Science and Politics: Global Warming and Eugenics

Richard S. Lindzen Sloan Professor of Meteorology M.I.T. August 31, 1995

Lindzen wrote this in 1995 and influenced Michael Crichton

History Repeated – the devastation that followed:

People who support the children’s crusade for more action to stop climate change should understand this has all happened before. After the Christian nations and their Crusades had failed to drive the Muslims out of the “Holy Lands” during the Middle Ages, a great army of children were inspired to march to the Holy Lands and miraculously do what their elders failed to do.  Thousands of children were in fact manipulated by deluded priests and elders. When the miracles failed to happen, thousands of children were lost at sea, sold into slavery or died of starvation. The whole sorry saga was a popular delusion. Those who now support children getting involved in a very complex scientific/political/economic issue are as misguided and immoral as those who would have children involved in under-age marital affairs.  This present Children’s Crusade is as misguided and delusional as the First great Children’s Crusade.