Same Sex Marriage – today in Minnesota

Written by:  Victor Urbanowicz

Neandertal (or Neanderthal) means people who disagree with me, but only when I choose to call them that.

Civil marriage is the simplest and most practical way to give same-sex couples the same legal prerogatives as heterosexual couples, e.g., next-of-kin status for health care decisions. Children are also involved. And as for race suicide, while many hetero couples are childless or one-child by choice, many gay couples have children. Some have rather large litters; they love parenthood, and impartial research finds that they are pretty good at it. Some lesbians get their babies by insemination — so they don’t have to sleep with an icky man 🙂 . Outside the realm of sexual preference, gays and lesbians have pretty much the same values as straight Americans. Fools that they are, many are even Republicans. Most find Unitarian churches to be too far out for them.

European Christians condemned queer folk and found Biblical texts to back up their position. Society was fond of that prejudice and, as it secularized, behavioral scientists were brought forward to testify that same-sex preference was mental illness. (Around 1900 some scientists also decided that women who enjoyed sex were mentally ill.) Then around 1970 the American Psychological Assn. said no, it wasn’t mental illness. So where does society go from there?

Marriage has already changed radically over the centuries, with divorce now more common, for instance, and with the woman much more commonly an equal partner rather than a subordinate. While marriage has changed, the percentage of human beings who prefer their own gender seems constant. It’s just that the time-honored traditions of ostracizing, ridiculing, and burning them alive are weakening — O what will happen to civilization?

Yes, the fertility rate in Europe is not sustainable and that in the USA is below replacement level as well. And as the WSJ points out, that is bad for the economy. All the same, gays and lesbians are only about 5% of the population, so we can’t blame them.

Here is something I like to repeat to Catholics, especially if there is a chance to get them all mad: Roman Catholic law holds marriage to be primarily a sexual, not a reproductive relationship. OK, I’m being casuistic here, but these are facts: Canon Law says infertile persons are allowed to enter into Christian marriage, but impotent persons are not! I will not deny that Roman Catholicism also has a wee little objection to same-sex relationships, but there you have it. Let us take a clue from this ancient and venerable institution when we consider same-sex marriage. A selective one, of course.

“Man-hating feminists”? They must be fairly old gals like Mary McCarthy at Boston College, who is considered quaint and first-wave because she still lets only women into her classes. Feminists, like women at large, are mostly heterosexual and like to doll up, wear bras, and have relationships with men. But I am implying a too-narrow definition. A feminist is either (A) a woman with a realistic view of the social and cultural position of women plus a healthy sense of self-interest, or (B) a male who has recently married or plans to marry soon: pay equity affects his family finances.