Post 3 – The Jesus/Christianity Contradiction

By:  Wendell Krossa

This post was sent to a discussion list for feedback. It is a summary of some of the insights that the list has been going over in recent years regarding grand narrative issues. This particular summary is intended (in a somewhat hyperbolic manner- worst/best) to trace out in bare bones fashion some lines of descent of a notable error in ancient thought and a counter to that dehumanizing error. My point is that a single ancient error has fueled all subsequent payback thinking as in apocalyptic systems and salvation systems (this is most religion).

Many people want to know what is really wrong with life and how to change life for the better (note the sites out there on how to make the world a better place and the ideas suggested). I would argue that if you really want to make life better then there is no single more critical thing to get cleared up than this retaliation error that has wreaked so much damage in human consciousness and perception. And the discovery of unconditional response/relating does exactly that. It shows how to make the world better in the most fundamental manner of all. This is root stuff.

And to emphasize just how crucial this core mythological/theological material is to life’s problems, just look at such things as the anti-development activism across the globe today and the personal cost to humanity from this (e.g. anti-fossil fuel activism and resulting fuel poverty). This activism derives from environmental alarmism over such things as climate change. And this alarmism in turn is influenced by a more general root problem of apocalyptic perception and belief. This apocalypticism derives further from the root misperception that there is something threatening, something retaliatory behind all (e.g. angry planet, vengeful GAIA, or angry God).