Exchanges Between Friends

Wendell Krossa (Mar 4)

Here in Canada our igloos are starting to melt and the lakes are starting to thaw so we have to watch our step.  The bears are rousing out of hibernation and snapping at our heels.  Dangerous times.  We cover our eyes and blink protectively as the sun once again appears here on the West Coast. We remember that our ancestors told us about a great shining orb in the sky that would return in the future and warm our stiff bones. We had lost hope but maybe it will reappear once again.

Nah. It’s not quite that bad.  I am just practicing my hyperbole as I try to get thoughts down on this scandal of unconditional.  Boy, did Christianity ever blow a great historical opportunity to liberate human consciousness as never before.  If only they had taken Jesus for what he said.  This is key to my argument.

Henry Hasse (Mar 7)

I was just thinking about what you said that Christianity blew their opportunity to spread the unconditional message of Jesus.  I think it was the early followers that set that stage.  They reverted back to the old payback theology of religion by squeezing Jesus into that old mold of thinking and Christianity merely followed after.  It couldn’t help but do so because, after all, it was also a religion.  I happen to think that the timing for the message was not right yet.  I think religion needed to be finally questioned when people were free enough to do so without the fear of death by religious authority – like today. Id I also think that in this day of technological advantages, Jesus’ message can carry around the world in seconds.  Remember that two thousand years is but two days (maybe even less) for the Father, so even this “new” Christian religion may soon be laughed out of existence.  And remember too, that Jesus’ message requires no religion trappings and priestly mediators to spread it around.  The first followers missed those characteristics.

Once people get hold of this unconditional message which offers them real relief, hope, and freedom – no religion will be able to bar the door!  All we have to do is help to spread it on the Internet. Forums, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and many more.  I think that’s kind of what Isaiah meant with, “Shout it from the mountain tops!  Comfort my people!  Tell them their sad days are over!  Tell them I have forgiven their unloving ways unconditionally! Tell them I will bless them twice over and more than any troubles they have had!”  Today is the day.  Enough of all this careful writing that only reminds me of writing religious confessions and doctrines, as if we must first get everything right for the approval of some church council.  Just thinking of me especially.  I have sweated endlessly it seems, over my latest essay now posted on my blog at  Six freakin pages trying to convince people to grab hold of Jesus’ unconditional message of the Father’s loving presence and acceptance among us.  It’s not that complicated.  The Father is probably just smiling at all my effort and wondering when I’ll go out and give someone a surprise hug instead.

Blown opportunity- that is my point in my latest project- that humanity was offered this amazing opportunity for exodus from primitive payback into the promised land of unconditional existence.  Early Christians, in an historical act of cowardice, reverted to payback thinking to redefine Jesus and his message (it made their system more acceptable to the pagan thinking of their time).

This reversion to payback is especially to be noted in their interpretation of his death as a sacrifice for sin, a payment before God could forgive.  This is the supreme condition that distorted the entire message of Jesus about unconditional.  All the other conditions surround this one.  Christianity aborted a grand opportunity for exodus into the liberation of unconditional existence.  And Christianity has continued till today to distort and nullify the core message of HJ.  This is a far bigger scandal than the recently discovered bones of Jesus.

Wendell Krossa (Mar 8)

I would like to hear Bob also weigh in on this.  I see a consistent theme running through the precepts, stories, and behaviour of Jesus.  And it is this unconditional theme of Christians, trying to dismiss this theme and argue that the word is not used in Scripture.  It’s instructive to go through the debates going on across the Web under such topics as unconditional, unconditional love in Jesus, unconditional forgiveness, and so on.

This unconditional theme is there in his unconditional acceptance, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional generosity and all through his core material.  Even in more peripheral things like the account of David and his men eating the prohibited (consecrated) food.  The unconditional approach to meeting human need.  It’s hard to miss the dominance of this theme.

I will try to get this next one up after some cleaning up.  I’m still looking to write a short version for more general circulation.  Each time new thoughts come in and new emphases come to the fore.

Had Christianity grabbed hold of what Jesus actually emphasized, the religion would never have formed (not like it did).  But the message would have shaken societies thoroughly and lifted humanity to new heights.  It is something that eventually would rise to the surface of human consciousness some way or other, and we can find traces of it all over today.

Bob Brinsmead (Mar 9)

It all starts with the core sayings of the Sermon on the Mount:  Love of enemies, love them irrespective of how they treat you.   Of course this is unconditional.

We are commanded to love people unconditionally – the good and the bad, our friends and our enemies – and we are told that doing this is reflecting the light on what the Abba is like.  End of argument.  God’s love is unconditional.  When we love uncondtionally, we become the image and likeness of God and that is the only way – the only way – that the world will ever know or see that the love of God is unconditional.

The love of God is also is eternal.  Humanity as God’s image and likeness was in the plan from before the creation of the world.  This the glory that Jesus saw was his, the glory of being in the plan and purpose of the Father before the world was, and a glory he wanted us to share with him… In that sense we all pre-existed in the plan and purpose of eternal love….

So keep beating at this theme …and don’t cover it over with too much huffing and puffing…

Henry Hasse (Mar 10)

Been thinking about too much huffing and puffing and Bob’s short bursts of light advice. On the one hand, all the huffing and puffing that Wendell and I do is to convince ourselves, more than others, I think, that we have chosen to follow this unconditional message of Love which has been knocking on our door to get in – so it can finally get out!  On the other hand, short bursts are perfect for Face Book, Twitter, and other social media.

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