Letters to the Editor

By  Julia Tyack 

 Dear Editor,

“Science turns to God as universe appears to be ultimate miracle”.  The Australian, Monday, December 29,2014. Quoting “The Times”.  The concepts in this column are surely “heart-stoppingly astronomical” beckoning humanity to a new “Big Bang” in human consciousness.  Fred Hoyle’s ’super-intellect’ is reflected and blossoming in the human domain.  Science and all its insights and benefits opens humanity to a new world view and to the undeniable conclusion that the image of this’ super-intellect’ is incarnated in human consciousness.  The tributes to Mandela included one that affirmed him as an example of the “ultimate good”.  Love without conditions, “being everywhere”, is hard to organize into some movement.  It is humanity’s highest ideal, encompassing so many other human ideals (forgiveness, inclusion, generosity, gratefulness and kindness).  It is evident that the super-intellect is essentially hidden from human view.  Yet, is it possible that the super-intellect is knowable in humanity as ultimate good?  Knowable in the appreciation of others for their otherness, differences and uniqueness that is a magnificent sacred gift to the world.  Is this conclusion also heart-stoppingly astronomical”?  Amazing beyond words that the super-intellect is knowable as we love and appreciate our fellow humans.  It would seem that all the great things humanity has learned to value in forgiveness, kindness, love, inclusion… and on and on…. Are not patentable.  They are freely available to all in common daily life.  They are the common human spirit and consciousness incarnated from the super-consciousness.

As this column on science and God says over and over, science has come to a “heart-stoppingly astronomical’ conclusion of a creator, a super-intelligence.  So how heart-stoppingly beyond words if each human-being could know first-hand who they really are in their relationship to the super-consciousness.  In the words of Les Mis; “To love another person is to see the face of God.”


Dear Editor,

David Astin, Taperoo, SA in today’s Australian 16/1/2015 has a point about the imagination of god shared by various religious faiths.  None of us should call the kettle black but look into our own history and fix our own backyard.  The three great Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Islam and Christianity all share the belief in a violent Old Testament God.  Enlightened modern humans could only designate such a description as a violent monster and an inhuman terrorist.  The Old Testament god demands, “Slay utterly old and young, slaughter men, women and little children.” In answer to questions put to this god, of what to do with someone who is out of line, the texts say, “Kill them.” Examples; picking up sticks on the Sabbath day, “Kill him”, a teenage son going through a disturbed period, “Kill him”,  Israelites having a party because there leader Moses is slow returning from the mountain, “Kill them all.” A child who over-eats, “Kill them”, are but a few examples.  The real issue therefore is the violent bloodshed that lies at the heart of all three Monotheistic religions.  History is testament of the violence in tortures, burnings at the stake and mass slaughters the three Abrahamic religious streams have perpetuated on the earth.  It is also evident that in each religion some devotees take the dross and others the jewels.  The problem lies in a literal interpreting of ancient mythologies that the Old Testament shares of retaliation, punishment, vengeance, apocalyptic and so much more as outlined by the great author and authority on mythology, Joseph Campbell.   This literal view of a violent father