Jesus Was a Miracle Indeed

If Jesus was not into apocalyptic (violent end of the world imminent) but came with this new vision that the Presence of Reality is in the here and now, then he was a miracle indeed.  I see that most scholars still take it for granted that Jesus was apocalyptic – however, his was the spirit of the prophets rather than the apocalyptics, and the prophets saw the presence of God working in history and that the vision of the Promised Land was to be pursued and realized within the historical process.  Apocalyptics abandoned that for “a theology of despair.”
Jesus said to people that they should know that the kingdom of God had come upon them. It had arrived, it was already present.
They were to celebrate its arrival by eating and drinking,  and refect it by handing on the boundless generosity by endless forgiveness for others, compassion etc.
The kingdom was likened to yeast in the dough and seed cast around like the ubiquitous mustard seed.
People were said to be entering the kingdom now. Entering the kingdom means taking the easy yoke that Jesus advocated – it is a radical change in the way we look at life, but it does not fit any religious paradigm.
The kingdom was said to be among you/in you – and does not come in outward show – no flashy and destructive, world-shattering second coming, ect, when Jesus preached at Nazareth and quoted from Isaiah he left out the bit, “the day of vengence of our God.”
Matthew 34, Mark 13 and other NT passages are literary fraud.