By:  Julia Tyack

My mother used to often remind us of the value of intuition.  Shortly before she passed, she reminded us to constantly be awake to intuition.  She even hoped that in her new life she would be able to be with us in a way she couldn’t be in physical life and expressed the thought she would talk to us through intuition.   A book on intuition that particularly impressed her pointed out that intuition is different to the mind talk.  Mind talk goes on constantly with no abrupt surprises.  Mind talk doesn’t tend to cut across our train of thought, but like water runs down an open drain as it were.  Intuition comes like an outside impression, cuts across or imposes itself over the mind talk and surprises, often as an unexpected interjection, often against what we would normally think about something.  Intuition is likened to a shot from the blue.

Mike, who loved to bike ride, was a practitioner who stayed at our home while visiting from Canada. He rode at full speed down the 40 degree hill that led to our street.  On the corner, at the base of the incline, a lady swung open her car door, knocking him off his bike.   The car behind stopped with its front wheels literally touching his shoulder.   He was treated in our medical department for considerable lacerations and a nasty shoulder injury and spent the night in hospital.  He later told us, “My intuition cut into my thoughts at the top of that slope, telling me there was danger at the bottom, and that I would not actually work at the clinic during my stay.  Unfortunately, I just dismissed it and didn’t slow down”.

My youngest son moved back to Brisbane last Christmas with his fiancé.  He is a good driver having navigated in many countries during his travels.  We were driving back from the city along a suburban road with traffic flowing easily.  An intuitive message dashed into my mind, something is about to happen.   I sat forward and hung on in anticipation of what may happen.   We arrived at a four-way intersection on the green light with a truck slightly behind in the right hand lane as we drove through.   I called out to Thomas to pull left onto the side walk.  The truck jack-knifed, almost tipping over right across our path.  We would have hit the truck if not for Thomas’s quick reflexes in pulling up on the side walk.  The truck stabilized some fifty meters down the road.

I believe we get too busy and have too much mind talk, to listen to intuition.   It may also be that we don’t live enough in the now.   Just prior to Christmas at the end of our street I was last in a line of cars going through a green light.  Intuition told me to stop even though the light was still green.  A line of cars was coming down the hill to the right when a car in the outside lane, travelling well over the speed limit, went straight through his red light.  It was about 30 seconds before my light went red as I sat their quite stunned.   I think the drivers in other cars from his direction also were stunned, they just sat there for a while, even after their light went green.

Dr. Sood says research shows the human mind has the ability to project three minutes into the future.   Not sure what research he had for that.  I wonder if there is an aspect of intuition that tells us how to intercede on behalf of humanity, connecting to the great need in a meaningful way and joining with the human spirit in longing for the breakthrough of a new consciousness.