Intelligent Design

By  Robert D. Brinsmead

I never had a problem with a supreme Intelligence.  But there is a lot of stuff that has happened in the emergence of living things that don’t look like intelligent design. – like some of the grotesque ways that some parasites operate, and the Frankenstein appearance of some insect like the dreadful nono sandflies in French Polenesia.  I have a book by Australian scientist author Robin Williams called Unintelligent Design.  He is obviously having a crack at the IDers – and he has a field day pointing out some of the horrible ways some nasty things work – or even the faults in the human body.  If God directly designed everything that took place in the evolutionary process then She does not look too smart.  Or did God leave it up to us, as lords of this earth, to sort some of these things out?  And does that evolutionary process function with room for internal freedom and hence mistakes?

The ideology of ID itself is not a science and should not be taught as science any more than a science class ought to address the issues of theology.