How to Read the Bible

By:  Henry Hasse

First gather up all those marbles of scripture that we grew up with and were taught were so holy and untouchable. Then place them in a box and hide them in the attic or bury them in the back yard.

Then return to the Bible and read it as nothing more than a collection of writings by humans no different than we are, with the same daily realities to face while attempting to explain them by using only what our minds have deduced thus far in our journey. – Trying to explain disasters and especially trying to explain horribly oppressive authoritarian rulers which they wished they could be saved (redeemed) from by some savior among them who could lead a successful rebellion to finally bring them some freedom and peace. – Trying to find a God somewhere to assist in their fight.

Occasionally, some writer, some prophet, some individual uncovered a glimmer of God’s ever-present and generous Love.  And when that writer made his discovery public in an effort to bring some hope and relief to his oppressed neighbors, he was ridiculed for blaspheming what had already become their sacred Torah/Law. So what he had written became buried in the BS. (Jefferson’s “diamonds”)

The point here is: Read the Bible for what it really is – only a record of ancient daily life with all its foibles, many times exaggerated to hold the reader’s attention, but read it to learn more of God’s patience with humans in spite of all their BS ideas. The same is true for everything written in the NT.

We think we have pulled the diamonds of the Galilean’s real message of an ever-present Loving God out of all the BS about his life. I certainly hope so! I have come to depend on that God!