God is Like People

Written by:  Julia Tyack

God from this morning’s perspective is unperturbed peace.  God is empathetic, as contrasted with sympathetic (but according to where you are looking from, he is that and more).

God is like a story told by John Medina –

“A four year old boy is playing in his parents yard when he hears uncontrollable sobbing next door and looks over the fence.  His neighbour, an old man, is sitting on his porch sobbing into his hands. The gentleman’s wife died, then his dog and now his cat, it is all too much.

The boy leaves his play and crawls over the fence and walks up to the porch, where-he climbs into the old man’s lap and sits there quietly.  After a while the old man stops sobbing and continues to sit and hold the little chap.  An hour passes and the boy climbs down and walks home and neither have spoken a word.

Later the gentleman tells the boy’s mother that her son changed his life and brought him happiness again.  The mother asks her son, “What did you say to Mr. Jones?” “I didn’t say one word mum, I just went over and helped him cry.”

Humanity are receivers of ultimate power but broken down through the transmitter station of consciousness, the mind which is a reducing agent neurologist tell us.