God and the Wonderful World of Young Children

Written By: Julia Tyack – Michael Morwood Book summary

 Children praying a New Story is an inspirational writing by Michael Morwood.  It is a small book which unlocks spiritual truths in a way that writings for an adult audience would struggle to match.  The chapters cover themes about God, Jesus and human-kind.  The eternal truths are delivered with a unique simplicity, distilling truth for a child’s understanding and in so doing bring spiritual enlightenment to all ages.

Chapter one gives amazing insights into the psychology of a child’s mind and understanding. This first chapter answers questions commonly asked by children such as:  What is God like?Who is God?Can God see everything I do?Can we hurt God?, Who is Jesus?, Does God look after everyone? and other questions including death in a family.

Michael illuminates the adult understanding in this chapter on what a child is really asking and what they are not asking.  Concluding the question of “What is God like?”  Michael writes; God is loving in us.  So, even though we cannot see God, we know God is always close to us.

Regarding death there are suggested illustrations to use from nature.  We believe that what happens is very, very beautiful and wonderful.  We have nothing to fear. We will be very happy.  It will be another way of living in God.

Understanding Jesus page 45; “Jesus was the revealer of God-in-our-midst.  That was the good news he preached to the lowly and to all who would listen.  The statement we all know so well about living in love and living in God and God living is us, is a wonderful summation of Jesus’ message about the Kingdom of God in our midst.  In this chapter Michael discusses the problem with the teaching of an elsewhere God and how this has coloured what we think about Jesus. ..There are three key elements in this balance.

  1. Telling a contemporary story about who we are and where we come from.
  2. Speaking about Jesus as someone who opened people’s eyes and minds to the Divine Presence in which they lived rather than as someone who re-established connection to an elsewhere deity.
  3. Telling a story of interconnectedness with everything and everyone in God.  This precious little book then fleshes out these concepts and opens them as jewels to a child’s understanding and in an unforgettable way, enlightens adults.

ChapterThree:  The Universe Story.  Michael advises that faith educators should immerse themselves in the “New Story”so that it instinctively becomes the foundation on which to stand when speaking to children about God and their relationship with this Mystery.  Read, in chapter three, an awe-inspiring summary of the universe as modern science understands it: 13 billion years old..”This extraordinary, mind-blowing story has the capacity to change radically our understanding of God, our understanding of ourselves as a life-form, our understanding of how everything and everyone is connected in ways we never suspected.  The grandeur of this “New Story” about our origins evokes awe, wonder and appreciation.   It invites us to see ourselves in a wonderful new light:  Consider..

Chapter four – Jesus: Revealer of God’s Presence with us.  Jesus preaching about “the kingdom of God” indicates he was intentionally trying to open people’s minds to God’s presence with them in their everyday living and loving. His preaching called people into a change of thinking and attitudes, a change necessary for them to break the hold of entrenched thought patterns and images, so that they could believe the “good news” of God-with-them in their daily lives.  Jesus shows us how we might connect belief in God’s universal presence with contemporary understanding of the universe and our place in it; focus on our human experience and deepen awareness and belief that the Divine Presence is always with us.

The chapters also contain gospel stories told in a new and inspirational way in which children can be, not only listeners but interactive players.

Chapter 4 -Prayer: “Deepening Awareness of the Divine Presence”. “God, the Divine Presence, the Spirit of Life and Love – whatever names we use for this Mystery permeating and holding all things in existence – comes to visibility in the human reality we are. ”

Chapter 7  “The sacraments: Ritualizing the Divine Presence.”  “Jesus however, would find our sacramental system very strange and quite contrary to his basic teaching about discovering the presence of God in our everyday activities.”

Order this amazing work of Michael Morwoods from the Michael Morwood website.


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This book of Michael Morwood’s for teaching children is the conclusion of the whole matter. Michael has excelled himself in expressing eternal truths in a way that children can understand. No book for children or adults has come near to the way Michael has captured the most complex questions

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The summary of Michael Morwood’s book “Children Praying A New Story” and Hope’s comment makes me believe that this book is a must for every parent and teacher. A book such as this should be scattered all over the earth. Can you give more details on the price and contact address for ordering.


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This book “Children Praying a New Story” can be ordered from Michael Morwood – Email