Fight Against Climate Change Harmful

Here is a great quote from today’s Australian (Letters, Last Post) September 30,

A note to Fred Cehak (Letters, 29/9). As an earth scientist myself, I can tell you that all real scientists are sceptics. That is how science advances. Only “political” scientists are not sceptics but followers.

Greg Kater, Sydney, NSW

Surely you can say that all doctors should be sceptics too.  Where would gastronomical science be today were it not for the fact that Barry and Marshall were prepared to take the flak from their medical colleagues for being sceptical of gastro-medical orthodoxy – and many other examples of scepticism bringing scientific progress could be added.

The only authority in science is the observable and measurable facts.  In science nothing is proved by an appeal to authority, orthodoxy, consensus, majority opinion, dogma or even God himself (there is nothing observable and measurable about God!  So even an appeal to God’s authority is not legitimate when it comes to science). Science depends only on observable and measurable facts can be replicated by anybody.  An appeal to any authority beside observable and measurable facts puts the matter into the realm of religion or mythology where dogma is accepted by an appeal to some so-called infallible authority that cannot be questioned.  Press the advocates of Climate Change Alarmism for evidence (especially in view of the facts indicating that the globe has not warmed for about 18) and they will cite the national science Academies, the Universities and the authorities that support it.  It is religion rather than science that requires submission to some external authority.

Now on a related matter.   In the 700-page Stern Report (2008), Nicolas Stern stated that climate change “was the greatest market failure in history.”  That is the key to what is behind the alarmism of the AGW movement.  Here and there, the movement is now emerging as an undisguised attack on capitalism or the free enterprise system of the free world.

At first  Socialism argued that the workers of the world would be better off under socialism until that was proved wrong and hence the collapse of the Berlin Wall that was there to keep the workers escaping from their socialist paradise.  With the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the socialists of the world poured into the Environmental movement and took over just about everything including Greenpeace according to one of its founders, Patrick Moore.  These “watermelon” (red on the inside, green on the outside) Environmentalists now argued that capitalism was polluting the world.  The free world cleaned up its air and water so well in such a short time (as outlined by Easterbrook in A Moment on the Earth), that it soon became apparent that it was poverty rather than affluence that polluted the environment –  the more prosperous the country, the cleaner the environment.  When this became self-evident, the environmental movement was on its last legs, with its main argument discredited and its support vanishing.  Then the global warming or climate change cause breathed new life into the movement. While it could not argue that the workers of the world would be better off under socialism, or that the world would be cleaner under socialism – especially in view of the fact that the Communist block had obviously caused massive pollution whereas the capitalist/free world produced the cleanest environments – it could use dangerous global warming as its big stick to beat up on capitalism.  What bigger stick could they have than the world-famous Stern Report declaring that climate change was “the greatest market failure in the history of the world.”   Make no mistake on this point: the real drivers behind this great Climate Change bandwagon believe that the only way to stop climate change is to change the free enterprise system of the free world.

On many fronts, climate change alarmism is now emerging as the Trojan horse to bring the prosperity and the industry of the free world to an end and to bring it under some kind of collectivist system through the power of centralized, even world-government control.  See the attached document for evidence how environmentalism is now ready to take off its mask to reveal its true character.


Owen Paterson: Fight Against Climate Change ‘May Cause More Harm Than Global Warming’ 

No New Climate Targets Without Binding UN Climate Agreement, EU Energy Chief

Measures to combat climate change may be causing more damage than current global warming, a former environment secretary has said. Owen Paterson, who was sacked in David Cameron’s reshuffle in July, attacked what he described as a “wicked green blob” of environmentalists for failing to explain the pause in global warming. –Matt Dathan,The Times, 28 September 2014

There has not been a temperature increase now for probably 18 years, some people say 26 years. So the pause is old enough to vote, the pause is old enough to join the army, the pause is old enough to pay its taxes. We were never told the pause was coming along, there are – as I understand it – about 30 different explanations for it and nobody explains why the pause is suddenly going to disappear and we’re going to get back on the track upwards. So I’m concerned that the measures being taken to counter projected dangers may actually be causing more damage now than those dangers. –Owen Paterson, The Times, 28 September 2014