Don’t blame the pilots!

Written by:  G. Edward Griffin – May 2013

There is no one more concerned than I am about the damaging effects of pollution and toxic waste in our atmosphere as a by-product of the industrial age, and no one is more convinced than I that this is being greatly increased by the high-altitude spraying of aluminium, barium, and strontium compounds for the purpose of weather modification. Geo-engineering is what they call it, and it is claimed by its advocates that the resulting damage to crops, wildlife, and human health is worth it because it will reduce the greater horrors that are associated with global warming – or so we are told.

By now, most of you know my position on this. In brief, it is that (1) the planet now is in a cooling stage. (2) It recently went through a brief and relatively minor warming stage directly related to sun-spot activity. (3) Previous periods in history experienced warming cycles that were more severe than the recent one. (4) CO2 is a beneficial greenhouse gas, not a harmful one. And (5) the global-warming myth was created as a political ploy to frighten us into accepting ever-increasing government control over all aspects of our lives in the name of environmentalism.

Largely as a result of the production of two excellent video documentaries on this topic (What in the World Are They Spraying? and Why in the World Are They Spraying?) there is a surge of awakening to this fact and a rising tide of public indignation. The awakening is wonderful to see because it is making it increasingly difficult for those who are implementing this program to conceal it in plain view. The indignation part also is welcome because it is a measure of the public resolve to confront our political representatives and demand full disclosure. Indignation, however, based on false assumptions can be a dangerous thing because it could lead to actions that would injure innocent people and seriously damage o movement.

An excellent example showed up on my desk several weeks ago in the form of an email from an angry citizen. He wrote:

“It’s too late to try going through our corrupt government.  We need to take the planes down.
They should not be allowed to take off. The scientists who think they’re doing something good for the planet need to be shown the truth. Let the people know where these planes are taking off from, and we will stop them. I’ve heard that a laser pen can take down a plane, hopefully, before it gets over populations. I, my friends, and family all have a sinus infection that antibiotics won’t touch. I’ve had it three years in a row now. Chemtrails: I will do whatever it takes to stop them.”

This was my reply: “We have tracked hundreds of these planes and learned that almost all of them are commercial flights loaded with passengers. They are not tankers. It appears that the chemicals either have been added to the fuel or sprayed into the atmosphere by seeder planes so the chemicals (which would have to be transparent gas) interact with moisture in the exhaust of commercial planes. Either way, the pilots know nothing of this effect – and certainly the passengers don’t either. To put it mildly, it is not a good idea to advocate shooting them down.”

Another point that needs to be understood is that there is a logical explanation for the checkerboard patterns often seen in the sky that does not necessarily support the conclusion that they are evidence of chemtrail spraying. There usually are significant movements of air at the altitudes where chemtrails appear. Let us assume that the wind is blowing at 30 miles per hour and that it is moving at 90 degrees to the direction of flight. Let us also assume that there is a new flight that moves along the same path every fifteen minutes, which is not unusual in heavily travelled flight paths. In that case, the trail left by a plane will be blown sideways by 7.5 miles by the time the next plane arrives along the same path. That creates two parallel trails 7.5 miles apart. When the third plane arrives along the same path, the wind will cause three parallel trails, and so on. The casual observer might conclude that three planes have traversed the sky parallel to each other or that the same plane flew back and forth in different sectors of the sky but, in truth, there were three planes following each other along the same flight path.

Now let’s assume that the wind is blowing at 45 degrees to the direction of these planes and that their flight path is intersected by another flight path for planes traveling at 90 degrees to the first flight path. This, also is common. Of course, the two paths are separated from each other by a substantial difference in altitude but, to an observer on the ground, it may appear that they are at the same altitude.

If we imagine that the planes in the second flight path also are flying one after the other, we can see that they, too, will leave parallel trails but they will be at 90 degrees to the first set of parallel trails. The result will be a checkerboard in the sky that looks like the planes flew back and forth at various points but, in truth, the pattern can be created by multiple planes flying only two stationary paths that intersect each other.

That still leaves open the question of exactly how these chemicals are delivered into the atmosphere. To be perfectly honest, I must tell you that I do not know. I have a few favorite theories but, as of now, there is not sufficient proof, especially for the sceptics. However, we have the assistance of a professional team of scientists and engineers who are working on the puzzle and, as soon as we have their report, we will publish it – even if it should conclude that they, too, do not have the answer. There is much yet to learn and much to do.

It has come to my attention that so-called debunkers of chemtrails are putting quite a bit of effort into creating a data base of comments on the Internet that advocate violence against pilots or planes. Why are they doing this? The answer is obvious. They are anticipating that, sooner or later, some misguided hothead, egged-on and equipped by an agent provocateur, will do something sufficiently horrible to justify putting the blame on our movement. They probably are hoping to haul into court all outspoken chemtrail opponents as being responsible for the tragedy because they “enflamed passions” with “conspiracy theories” and, therefore, must be punished. Perhaps they are hoping that even the mere threat of doing this will be enough to silence our movement.

I urge everyone to take this possibility seriously. We are up against professionals who are expert at neutralizing and marginalizing their opposition. Using an event of this kind for that purpose is a well-honed weapon in their arsenal. Let’s not participate in a witch hunt that would make it easy for those who want to silence us. Tell everyone you know that these planes are piloted by men and women who have no idea of the role they play in this scenario. Tell them that the planes are loaded with innocent passengers who do not deserve to be victims of attacks against the planes they occupy.