Does God Want to be Worshiped

Written by: Robert D Brinsmead

Is God really on about being worshiped?   Is that the primary thing God wants from humans?  Is that why we were created?  Should such worship of God be our first concern and highest duty?  By asking these questions, I simply do what I recommended thirty years ago, Dare to Blaspheme and Dare to be Free.

As Nolan (Jesus Before Christianity) suggests, we should not start with our view of God to understand Jesus, but we should start with the manifestation of God in humanity (which is not just Jesus) to have a better understanding of God.  Jesus rejected the whole pagan/gentile view of authority, which was all about a king supposedly imaging God by exercising dominion over people, by subduing them, subjecting them, and having them obey and worship him (bearing in mind that the word worship is about giving worth to another).  In the pagan/gentile view of things, said Jesus, greatness and kingship (Messiahship) is all about exercising dominion over others and bringing them into subjection.  And then he said, “But this shall not be so among you.” The order of the Kingdom of God is completely different.  Here true greatness is about being the servant of others.  The greatest are the greatest in service.  The really great are not those who demand allegiance, praise, worship.  God is indeed the greatest because God is the greatest servant of all, and while God does this, like any good servant God keeps out of the limelight, hiding Godself from view.  As Sheehan puts it, “God has disappeared into humanity, and can be found nowhere else.”  As a great NT passage puts it, “Everyone who loves lives in God and God lives in him.”