Cruel God, Kind God – by Zenon Lotufo Jr.

 How Images of God Shape Belief, Attitude, and Outlook

by Zenon Lotufo, Jr.

It is sometimes assumed that western worshippers of the Christian faith have “basically the same beliefs.” In actuality, there are two very divided contemporary understandings of Christianity—one centered around the image of a cruel God who uses suffering to achieve his goals, and another based upon the concept of a compassionate and forgiving God.

Comment by Henry Hasse  – (

(1) A “Kind God” – being able to send a generous and refreshing rain on evil humans in spite of where they are in their development as becoming HUMANE humans.

(2) Good humans trying their best to mirror the compassionate patience and generous kindness of their “Kind God” toward their evil enemies while finding it to be revolting to mirror the “Cruel God” of their evil enemies.

However, good humans may “accidentally” find themselves in situations where self-defense or defending other helpless good humans from evil enemies becomes a hard but a necessary choice to make, especially if one has the training/skill and the tools readily available to do so, and not least of all, the willingness to use the same as reasonable defenses against the evil intentions/actions of an enemy. Such defensive behavior can only be attributed to basic human survival needs in an imperfect world where evil humans still follow/mirror the supposed vengeful punishment techniques of their mythical “Cruel God.”

Volunteering to become trained to defend one’s country/citizens from evil governments and from organized evil terrorist ideologies is still another topic of human survival in an imperfect world. I, for one, admire all of those who place themselves in harm’s way to protect the lives of other humans! They deserve our total support!

(In another format I intend to explore further our Creative Source and the freedom we have been given to develop as humane humans from birth to death, including the various stages of development we not only grow through but currently find ourselves in as we struggle to grow into the next stage. Recognizing this constant development project going on within ourselves as well as within others is what it means to accept and to love ourselves and then others as being the reckless and wasteful prodigal sons and daughters of a “Kind God.”)