Written By: R.D. Brinsmead

In the beginning there was Consciousness – a Logos, a Reason, a Plan a Purpose of Sadak/Agape. This Consciousness was with God from the beginning and was God.

It was through Consciousness that all things came to be, and not a single thing was created without Consciousness.

All that came to be was alive with the life that springs from Consciousness, and that Consciousness was the light of mankind.  Consciousness is the light that shines in the dark, and darkness has never been able to quench it.   Consciousness is the light that lightens every man who comes into the world.

This Divine, Supreme and Transcendent Consciousness pervades and saturates everything in the created order with consciousness (small ‘c”), without which all things could not continue to exist.  The sunflower which turns to the sun does so as an expression of its consciousness.  Each atom and cell of a living organism is like a receiver that responds to the consciousness waves it is adapted to receive. There are levels of consciousness waves or signals suited to each form or level of life. “The ox knows his owner and the ass its master’s crib.”  That’s consciousness for sure!

Humans are endowed with the highest level of consciousness.  This includes self-awareness, reflectivity, rational decision-making, moral responsibility and personal identity.  In this humans are the image and likeness of the Source of all Consciousness.

Whether we name this Source as Consciousness, Word, Justice, Love or God, this is not revealed in a book, (whether a nomos, a gramma, or a graphe – things subsumed under the meaning of religion) but comes to expression in a Jesus of Nazareth or any other human embodiment of human goodness and love.

Our materially-based human bodies and brains are the receptors of our waking, mortal consciousness, but at a deeper level, our consciousness, including our character and personal identity, will never cease to exist.

Next go I will lighten this up with a bit of fun!