Choose Yourself by James Altucher – Review

By:  Hank Hasse

I just finished reading Choose Yourself by James Altucher. Fun, fun, fun! Find alternative solutions for someone’s problem. You can when you pay attention to your health first; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Instead of living the life that someone else has chosen for us, one which keeps us in stalemate, choose yourself. Love yourself. Use the God hormone within you. Practice finding solutions. Be an entrepreneur of ideas.

James read that 76% of the universe is “dark energy.” That means we know absolutely nothing about it. And 20% of the universe is “dark matter” which means we have no clue about that either.  We know something about 4% of the remaining matter. And had it not been for men like Copernicus, Einstein, Newton, and a few others, we might not even know 4%. In thousands of years this is all we have learned? It’s embarrassing!

The key? Step out from the shadows. Take the chance to fail and learn, again and again and again. Free yourself from the control of others. Be inquisitive. Choose yourself! Become the light you were meant to be. How? Well, start by reading Altucher’s new book.