Book Reviews – The Dark Side of Christian History (Paperback)

Book Review: By A Customer

The Dark Side of Christian History is one of those rare finds. This book was written in a concise fashion and details the horrors, both spiritually and physically, that the early Church visited upon members of society. I found Helen Ellerbe’s research to be thorough, citing many historical documents and publications. Contrary to a statement made by another reader, this book is highly accurate and credible.

Many individuals have no knowledge of the atrocities committed by the church. Without understanding these events, we can never progress beyond them.  The era of the Inquisition and the Witch Hunt is over, but religious intolerance is still with us, rearing its ugly head.  With the help of provocative books such as this, I believe we can move past religious intolerance – once and for all.

On a final note, I am Wiccan, and although I believe that present-day Christians should not be held responsible for the Church’s brutality of the past, I would like to see our Christian brothers, sisters and leaders acknowledge, accept and learn from these events.

Review from another customer

This is a very good (not quite excellent) book which, in a concise 188 pages, takes you through the history of Christianity providing you with a handy reference for all of the murder, oppression, irrationality, suppression of science and progress, and opposition to freedom and pleasure which characterize this vile slave religion.  Although written from an obvious wiccan perspective given to a bit too much environmental whining and a slightly overdone feminist tone, it is still an exceptional book.  The scholarship is fairly solid, with ample references and footnotes even if a couple of the authors logical transitions and assertions of causality are a little inaccurate or incomplete at times.  Still, it is probably better and more compact than most anything else you will find out there. It is certainly a worthwhile eye-opener for anyone out there still blinded by the lies of religious propaganda which continuously spew forth from Christian pulpits.