Book Review – “The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

Written by: Robert D Brinsmead

I have just finished reading an amazing book by a Canadian Doctor (Jason Fung) called The Obesity Code.  It illustrates to me that the very mistaken war on fat that was waged for 50 years seemed to have all the experts on board, all the health authorities, the AHA and especially Big Brother government, spending millions of dollars in its Nanny State crusade, churning out anti-fat propaganda that caused millions to switch from butter to margarine which was only one step away from having people eating processed plastic and then trans-fats literally killing millions of people, and then all the useless low fat milks and food giants going bezerk selling this and that on the basis that it contained low fat or no fat.  If any one dared to get up saying that it is not fat that makes you fat, he would get howled down as an idiot, a knuckle dragging troglodyte, and all the while the obesity epidemic raged on.  Jason Fung cites authentic population studies galore which finally exploded the folly of the 50-year war on fat, a thing that largely led the entire population to take their eyes off sugar and refined carbohydrates which the food manufacturers crammed into their processed foods to take the place of fat.  Anyway, Fung goes on to warn that there is a great deal to the whole story because obesity, like heart disease, is a complex problem just as heart disease and general well-being is a very complex thing – for there are multiple causes of disease and multiple factors in overall health – meaning that there is no one single bullet for a solution.