Book Review – “Drunk with Blood”

It could be said that in the O.T. God is not depicted as a God of love but a Jealous God.   Text after text, especially in the first five books, there is a “jealous God”.    Hence we see the idea of the human consciousness projecting its own image onto God at any given stage.   O.T. was an age where a man owned the woman and it was his right to be jealous  – hence god as the male figure is primarily a jealous God.

God’s in the killing business – its big , bigger than you thought

Steve Wells has been reading the Bible, and doing some counting.  He has written a book “Drunk with Blood” in which he looks at the rapes, genocide, and murders that are recounted with relish in the so called Good Book.  Yet Christians describe the God they believe in as “kind, merciful and perfect”.   You gain the impression when you do the sums, that God is revealed for what he really is: a bloodthirsty killer.  This is what they didn’t teach you in Sunday School.

Steve makes two counts; one with the “what” the book says, and another an estimate where the Bible isn’t specific.  The grand total of the O.T. comes to 2,821,360, however the estimate comes in at 25 million.  The final chapter (only 4.5 pages-right at end of book, titled “How many more will God kill”, Quotes the American battle Hymn of the republic which says:

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord: He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword: His truth is marching on.

So Jesus the figure in Revelation 14 thrusts in his sickle to reap the harvest of the earth, (these of course are the unbelievers that the likes of Billy Graham and his ilk couldn’t convert into the Christian fold.

The winepress was trodden without the city, and the blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.14:20

The estimate of the area involved is 320 kilometres, and the total volume of blood involved is 1.2 X 10 (to the 14th power) or 24 TRILLION people.

However there aren’t 24 trillion people on the earth as yet, so perhaps life is going on for a bit longer, or else it’s only trying to scare us into the church fold; fear being a good motivator.

If the end were to come now, the saved would number 144,000 (14. 3,4) and about 7 billion would fall under the sword, and then bake in hell for eternity, but by some fancy footwork from Rev 6.8 and 9:15-18 he revises this down to  4.7  billion, which is still a tidy number.

Personally, if you believe in the Christian God, and that this is what he’s going to do, then you need to be able to explain it.  Can there be a God of Love, who does the above.?  I prefer to believe otherwise, which means a God who acts unconditionally toward mankind, no exceptions.

The following quote  in Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer “s  book “ Jesus against Christianity; Reclaiming the missing Jesus.”  sums it up.  It is by Walter Wink in : Engaging the powers: Discernment & resistance in a world of Domination.

The God whom Jesus revealed as no longer our rival, no longer threatening and vengeful, but unconditionally loving and forgiving, who needed no satisfaction by blood .  This God of infinite mercy was metamorphosed by the church into the image of a wrathful God whose demand for blood atonement leads to God requiring the death of his own Son on behalf of us all.  The nonviolent God of Jesus comes to be depicted as a God of unequalled violence, since God not only allegedly demands the blood of the victim who is closest and most precious to him, but holds the whole of humanity accountable for a death that God both anticipated and required.  Against such an image of God the revolt of atheism is an act of pure religion.


P.S. Steve has a blog : Dwindling in unbelief, & his book is called “Drunk with blood.”