Being Human

Mike McIntyre, Postmedia News

WINNIPEG – The grieving father of a Winnipeg murder victim said hehas no anger toward the teenage gang member who randomly gunned down his son.

Sam McGillivary had a courtroom in tears while speaking directly to the now17-year-old accused after he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.  His26-year-old son, Scott, died of a rifle blast to the chest outside hisWinnipeg home in September 2009.

“Forgiveness is the only way to deal with this senseless act of murder,” Mr.McGillivary said in his victim-impact statement.  “I forgive you … I pray that someday this boy will become a positive member of society.”  He also expressed hope the accused will get the help he clearly needs in being re-integrated into society.

“I’m not only here for justice, I’m also here to share my pain through forgiveness,” he said. “I hope some good can come out of this senseless crime.”  Mr. McGillivary’s heartfelt words seemed to resonate with the young killer.

“It seems like he has hope for me, even after what I did to his family.  It’s surprising. I didn’t expect that,” the teenager told the court.

He agreed to plead guilty in exchange for the Crown agreeing not to seek an adult sentence.  The Crown is now requesting the maximum youth term of four years’ custody and three years’ supervision.  The teen’s lawyer is asking for just three years of jail.

Provincial court Judge Patti Umpherville has reserved her decision until next week.

Herb Sorensen

There is no amount of anger and retribution that will do anything more than deepen the injury. In reality, forgiveness is the only way out for the wronged party.  The idea that an infinite injury requires an infinite payment is of course wrong.  It’s in God’s own best interest to forgive his errant children – same for you and yours.

If you’ve raised your own children so “perfectly” that they have not hurt you seriously, then your talk about love is theoretical, not practical, from my point of view.  Not a lot of merit in loving the lovable.