Are Evangelicals Winning the World?

By:  Robert D Brinsmead

The Jews have punched above their weight in science, learning, economics, music, and art Bernstein probably is a Jew as was Julian Simon who led the world, or at least shone a light for the world on the statistics that demonstrated the world was becoming a better place, improving on so many fronts rather than going down the slippery slope of Declinism.

As Bernstein points out, one of the four things that gave birth to the modern age of plenty was the triumph of rationalism over religious mythology – that’s religious mythology that kept the world impoverished and the human condition depressed for centuries.  It is the same thing that keeps the Muslim world today backward in comparison with the Western World – and that is that Muslim culture is still dominated by a mythology.

The Jews have fostered a far more rationalistic culture for a long time.  For sure, Judaism flirted with Apocalyptic for about 300 years, and it brought the nation almost to total oblivion – they lost their nation, their country as well as their temple – this latter being a vast priestly institution which rivalled apocalyptic as the worst part of their religion.  So thanks to their Roman conquerors, they got rid of that priestly abracadabra that was bleeding them dry anyway, and it took them a bit longer to get rid of apocalyptic.  After the disaster of the Bar Kokhba Revolt about 130 CE which was like the first rebellion against Rome( 70CE) and was also inspired by apocalyptic mythology, the Rabbis finally pronounced a curse on any one of their people who taught apocalyptic.  So they shed priestcraft and they shed apocalyptic mythology.  Their religion remained very earthy, and was not focussed on Heaven and the man-hating, world-denying asceticism of so much of the Christian religion.  Their focus was on orthopraxy rather than orthodoxy.  The Jewish culture equipped the Jews to lead the world in so many branches of knowledge.