Another View on Global Warming

Here is a site that supports the Global Warming arguments in a simple schedule form.

Comment by Bob Brinsmead

I am actually in the middle of writing a book on the subject of why the scientific and political establishment has lost the public debate on AGW and why this means they are stuffed!  My platform is not some soap box on the science because I am only a layman, but I write from the perspective of being a citizen in a democratic society where I am virtually a member of the Public Jury who listen to the Prosecution (humanity is as guilty as hell of this crime against the planet) and to the defense case – and I have to vote here, having adjudicated the arguments presented to the jury – so I try to explain to these AGW scientists why they have lost my vote – as the polls now clearly show that they have lost majority support in just about every democratic country in the west.  Will they be able to drum up the interest/support that they enjoyed earlier?  A soufflé will not rise twice.  Some of the AGW protagonists are frustrated and angry – and they lash out at the stupid public (they’re selfish, don’t want to give up their consumerism, the Media has given the skeptics too much attention and they have let themselves become seduced by Big Oil etc)  So I’m calling my thing ‘Don’t Blame the Jury’.  I want to show that these guys have killed their own case by the way they tried to support it.  I don’t know that much about science, I’m just an ordinary bloke, but I can tell or smell BS when I sees it, I might just be like the little boy not swept along by the groupthink and popular hysteria to say the obvious, “Hey, this AGW Emperor’s got no clothes.”  Having fun?  You bet I am.

Comment by Wendell Krossa

Yes, this is a pretty sad attempt to defend a dead horse. I gave up after the first ten or so. Nothing of any scientific credibility to interact with. I would urge anyone having any questions about this AGW hysteria to read….well, where do you start. Just sign on to Benny’s C. C. Net for starters. And the books out there detailing the good science….again, where to start.

The credibility of this page comes under challenge right at the beginning of his list where he challenges the fact that global warming has stopped.  Even his own side admits this.  It has been years since Phil Jones admitted that global warming stopped over a decade ago and that this was an embarrassment to the alarmist side.  Phil Jones is the lead scientist at the CRU which is the leading data source for the IPCC, the chief alarmist body on the planet. This point is significant but this site does not even acknowledge it.

Jones was exposed in the Climategate scandal, but even he admits that the cessation of warming 15 years ago was a real problem for the alarmist camp.

On the site below Bob Zubrin talks about his new book

REASON TV: Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism.

Another site to look at for more information about Global Warming:-