Alleviating Fears

Written By: Wendell Krossa

Let me try to alleviate some background fears/concerns/worries of life. This has to do with things we may not even be fully aware of at a conscious level; more things we have inherited in worldviews and belief systems.  I see these things all over contemporary belief systems such as that of environmentalism; such as the assumptions that people are corrupt and destructive and deserve some punishment, and that something bad is going to happen in the future.  As the author of that article on Crazy Wisdom noted, there is too much darkness in modern literature, with its focus on pathologies.  I suspect this has to do with the basic narrative many people carry around in their heads. Nothing has been more damaging in this regard than the distortions around how people view humanity.  Let me put this in the least religious terms that I can.  I am pretty much non-religious, but very much for spirituality or a spiritual view of things.  One of my prominent concerns is to alleviate fear and worry about life and death; not whistling in the dark kind of stuff, but truth based.  Some of this comes from personal experiences, feelings, intuitions and what not.  I understand that we are all safe; whatever we go through here in life, we are safe in Love; the Infinite Love of the Greater Reality that we call God.  We come from this Love; we are never separated from this Love during our lives, and we return safely to this Love in the end. This I know as fundamental truth; more fundamental than anything else.

The greatest mystery of life – suffering, can only be understood in light of this Love.  This Infinite Love values freedom above all, and without freedom, there would be no genuine humanity and no genuine good in life; there would be no personal responsibility or personal choice that produces genuine good. This freedom can produce human evil and suffering, and I recognize that ultimately, in the pain of personal suffering, nothing makes much sense but to fall back on Infinite Love at the heart of all. In talking about these things, I am careful not to lessen in any way, the grotesque perversity that is human evil and suffering.

Some basic facts underline our intuitive grasp of Infinite Love; such as the foundational fact that we are never separated from this Love.  We come from it and are always safe in it.  There is absolutely no evidence that humanity has ever been separated from Love, and there is no evidence anywhere of a past ‘fall and separation; that is distorting mythology.  Ancient people viewed the forces of nature as evidence of angry divinities and their endeavor to punish people through natural disasters, diseases, and so on. This led to beliefs in sin, punishment, apocalyptic events, and the need for salvation.  It is a system of belief built on a wrong perception of nature and divinity; supposedly communicating punishment through nature, and somewhere along the way, came up with the belief that sinful humanity was made sinful somewhere in the past in a ‘Fall’ and this led to the anger of divinity through nature. This entirely misses the rise and progress of humanity from a more animal-like background; a more primitive, brutal, and dark beginning.  Humanity’s progress has been one of growth, development, improvement, perfecting.  It is something that gets better, not worse.

In order to defuse unnecessary fear, anxiety, and despair existing in modern human perceptions, it is vital to re-evaluate the things that cause fear and worry. Fear is often based on some silly misunderstanding of basic facts or history.  One of the biggest sources of fear in human history (the history of human perception and understanding), is the myth of separation from our Source and Ground; that we have been separated from Infinite Love.  Again, this thinking has produced the entire complexity of ideas that have come from misperception of natural disasters as evidence of divine anger; that we angered the gods by our sin, and hence they punished us with separation.  Like the Manobo myth in the Philippines, of the girl pounding rice, who mistakenly hit heaven, and the angry gods then shut the door of heaven and no more swinging baskets came down to take people up to heaven. Then there was the innocently curious couple who ate an apple to gain knowledge and this started the whole sin thing.  Who could have imagined that curiosity could have such terrible results.

If there was no ‘Fall’, there is no sin or sinfulness.  Rather, we have started from an imperfect beginning, more primitive and barbaric, and moved along in a process of never-ending progress.  With no sinfulness, there is no need for punishment; there is no threat to fear; no payback to fear.  We have before us only scandalous generosity, love, mercy, goodness and all the rest that makes for transcendent infinity.

The old mythologies got it all wrong.  We (humanity) need to grow up and recognize this.  We don’t need any religious authority to tell us how to think or believe. We all have the same facts and the same consciousness to be aware of these things.

Does any of this undermine the basis of ethics in human society – generosity and mercy? The answer is No.   It encourages a more humane approach to others; not one based on payback or one that is punitively oriented.  This does not undermine ethics; it validates a truly human or humane ethic.

Alleviating fear and worry involves re-thinking all those things that sometimes flit through our heads; that we may not have properly confronted, re-evaluated, or discarded where necessary; replacing them with more truthful ways of perceiving.  It is the underlying basis of human understanding and feeling.

(1)  The Human Spirit – Wendell Krossa